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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 20, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EST

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taking to the streets. it's a federal holiday for many but for thousands of others this presidents' day is one of defiance as anti-trump protests get under way across the country. leak ed. it is trump versus sweden. and more arrests and escalation, tensions this morning in the assassination of the north korean leader's half brother. meanwhile spacex reaches for the stars with an historic launch. "early today" starts right now. good presidents' day morning. i'm dara br
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expected to take to the streets in dozens of cities across the country today as they jump on the federal holiday launching not my presidents' day rallies in defiance of trump who is one month on the job and has been working at a breakneck pace ever since, holding the first campaign-style rally of his term, mobilizing his conservative base after a brutal week that saw the downfall of his labor secretary nominee as well as national security adviser michael flynn. mr. trump took time to meet with four leading candidates to replace flynn all of whom have military and national security backgrounds. we get our first glimt glimpse of draft memos detailing possible new guidelines for deporting undocumented immigrants. while the white house says the memos are just suggestions, immigrant rights groups are already expressing concerns. nbc news' kelly o'donnell takes a closer look. >> reporter: the trump administration is poised to roll out new enforcement plans on immigration. >> general
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kelly, he's really doing the job. >> reporter: new draft medical moles signed by secretary kelly from the department of homeland security. read like a blueprint for the president's priorities. at his saturday night rally, mr. trump emphasized deporting criminals. >> get them the hell out of here, bring them back to where they came from. >> reporter: the draft memos, a get tough approach, recommend hiring 10,000 officers and agents for immigration and customs enforcement. deputizing qualified local law enforcement to assist with deport takings. other priorities, expedite the removal of undocument immigrants in the u.s. for two years or less. undocumented parents who pay smugglers to bring children into the country could face prosecution. immigration advocates are worried. >> if these memos go forward, and even if they don't, their intent is to create fear and chaos in communities across the country. >> the administration is pushing
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drafts that have not been signed by the white house. while some components may be accurate, revisions are still being made. and memos aren't the only news coming from the white house this weekend after the president got into a war of words with sweden of all places after he said this during a rally on saturday with regards to terrorist attacks. >> you look at what's happening last night in sweden. sweden. who would believe this? sweden. they took in large numbers, they're having problems like they never thought possible. >> social media lit up after those remarks with many mocking the president for suggesting an attack occurred when there clearly wasn't one. the swedish embassy saying they've contacted the administration to get more information on just what the president was speaking about. mr. trump later said he was referring to a piece he had seen on fox news relating to immigrants and violence in sweden. interestingly enough it was fox news that the president seemed
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weekend that rattled many when he referred to the media as an enemy of the american people. many took to social media to defend the press #nottheenemy. mr. trump's chief of staff stood by the post and said take the criticism of the press at face value. >> i think you should take it seriously. i think that the media needs to, in some cases, not every case, john, but in some cases really needs to get its act together. >> the enemy? >> the theory is that the press is supposed to be a free form of information to speak to the american people. i think it ought to be accurate. >> many have openly disagreed with the president calling mr. trump's war with the press a step too far. here with senate republican john mccain defending the fourth estate with which he's often tangled. >> we need you. we need a free press. we must have it. it's vital. if you want to es
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very serious now, if you want to preserve democracy as we know it, you have to have a free and many times adversarial press. and without it, i'm afraid that we would lose so much of our individual liberties over time. that's how dictators get started. >> mccain added he was not suggesting president trump was trying to be a dictator but pointing out the need to learn the lessons of history. journalist carl bernstein, who helped bring down president nixon with the watergate scandal, called the president's flailing a at the press the worst he's seen. >> trump's attacks on the american press as enemies of the american people are more treacherous than richard nixon's attacks on the press. trump is out there on his own leading a demagoguic attack on the institutions of free democracy, including the press. >> this morning malaysia is recalling its envoy to pyongyang in escalating tensions over the mysterious death of a h
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kim jong-un. we get the latest from nbc's janis mackey frayer in malaysia. >> reporter: a week since the death of copy john nam, the north korean dictator's estranged half brother, and links are getting stronger. malaysian police confirm they're searching for four suspects, all north korean men, who left the country together the same day kim was killed. police won't say where they were going but interpol is now involved to help solve an international murder mystery. already there's one north korean man in custody after a raid at this apartment block where police say he had been living for over a year. south korea's government said the web of north korean nationals can only mean the regime of kim jong-un is behind the assassination. also arrested, a malaysian man and two women. one from indonesia, the other vietnam. suspected of poisoning kim jong-nam in a
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police are investigating whether one of them is this woman wearing an lol shirt on airport security video. north korea's embassy here has demanded the body and objected to an autopsy. but malaysian officials say they're still doing tests. >> we are investigating. >> reporter: today his body remains here. officials won't release it until they confirm dna from a relative. and nobody has come forward to do it. janis mackey frayer, nbc news, kuala lumpur, malaysia. northern californians can't catch a break. residents are returning after widespread flooding forced them to flee their homes over the weekend. now officials are warning be prepared to evacuate again because another powerful storm is on its way. this could prove to be a dire threat for some in the bay area as the anderson reservoir's already overflowing sending an intense amount of water down its spillway racing toward san jose
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homes. nbc important bonnie schneider has more on the spread of this incoming storm. >> the rain began last night and it's not stopping. the atmospheric river pouring in moisture for san francisco to monterey, a band of atrophy rain coming onshore. 5 million at risk for flooding and debris flow in northern california. friday we had southern california. we're also watching for storms to develop once again in texas and louisiana as we go into monday, tuesday night. watch out for that. stormy weather ahead. that's a look at the big weather story of the day. now here's a closer look at your day ahead. temperatures are pretty cool into the northern plains. sioux falls looking at 57 degrees. record high in minneapolis on saturday. today you're in the 50s. cooler into northern new england with highs in the 30s in burlington. not much cool air to be found are many places facing warm weather for today once again, like this weekend. this weekend competitors hit the ice for ot's
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ice dragon bowl festival. 60 teams competed in celebration of canada's 150th anniversary. inspired by traditional chinese dragon boat racing the ice dragon boats guide along frozen lakes while keeping the same technique and competitive spirit of the original sport. what is it costing taxpayers for president trump's weekend trips to mar-a-lago? plus tense moments on frozen lake michigan as an suv breaks through the ice. you're watching "early today." another lost sock. ever wonder why they leave? the abuse. the mistreatment. the humiliation. it's time to treat them better. introducing tide pods plus downy. treat all your clothes better with tide pods plus downy. if it's gotta be clean, it's gotta be tide.
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i ...prilosec otc 7 years ago,my doctor recommended... 5 years ago, last week. just 1 pill each morning, 24 hours and zero heartburn. it's been the number 1 doctor recommended brand for 10... ...straight years, and it's still recommended today. use as directed. talk about being on thin ice. a wisconsin man was driving his cadillac escalade onto frozen lake michigan when the ice gave way. the driver was attempting to tow an ice shanty to a spot on the lake and was told by a friend the ice was okay to drive on. luckily he was able to get out safely. leading the news this morning, the senate intelligence committee ha sent formal requeststh
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them to preserve any and all materials that could tie into the committee's investigation into russia's interference in the 2016 lex. those letters were sent on the same day fbi director comey met with lawmakers amid an uproar over alleged contact between president trump's campaign staff and russian officials. a new report from "the independent" finds just their first month, the first family has cost taxpayers almost as much as what the obamas cost in a year. over $11 million in secret service charges racked up in 30 days due to the president's weekend trips and his sons' business outings. small business owners are feeling the pinch with the co-owner of a flight training company saying security restrictions have cut into his business. with training and practices forbidden when the president visits florida, which now has occurred three weekends in a row. the spacex supply rocket is on its way to the international space station after a successful and historic launch. it came after the launch was delayed because of a problem
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nbc's kerry sanders reports from florida. >> t minus 30. >> reporter: second day, a second try, and success. >> three, two, one -- ignition -- and liftoff. >> reporter: the spacex liftoff from pad 39-a. the same as the apollo launch to the moon and where the last space shuttle blasted off six years ago. >> stage one touchdown confirmed. >> reporter: spacex president shotwell says returning the first stage of the falcon 9 rocket to a landing zone, picture perfect. >> spacex is the only organization that has been able to do that, have a mission take a second stage and payload onto orbit, turn around, come back home, re-enter, and land on a dime. >> reporter: a rocket component larger then a 16-story building returned to earth from 85 miles in space. a pillow soft landing less than 10 feet from w
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spot. billionaire spacex owner elon musk, baby came back. the payload two days from the space station. on board, plants. growing food in space for astronauts essential for a mission to mars. lettuce already grown in weightlessness. nasa labs now growing it in simulated martian soil. >> tastes yummy. >> reporter: spacex says it could be launching a manned mission to mars in just 16 jeers. kerry sander, nbc news, kennedy space center. what are the condrey's most-congested cities? plus how two of the world's richest men paid for their egg mac muffins. you're watching "early today." you to seize the day by helping you get more out of life and medicare part d. now with zero-dollar copays on select plans... ...and rewards points on all prescriptions,
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cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. in today's "quick hits," over 100,000 across the country lost their jobs for skipping out on the immigrants day protest. social media are calling on others to boycott the businesses that fired immigrant workers. if you hate traffic avoid these places, los angeles, san francisco, the most congested cities in the u.s. u.s. drivers spent an average of 40 hours sitting in commuter traffic costing over $300 billion in wasted time and fuel. leading the holiday box office, the lego batman movie was number one for the second straight week, earning
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million. 50 shades darker was second with $2 million. the great wall was third debuting with $18 million despite costing $150 million to make. u.s. markets are closed on this presidents' day but cnbc's steve sedgwick is here to fill us in on oil prices and what you could call a case of extreme couponing. good morning to you, steve. >> terrificavings in a few moments' time. happy presidents' day. 5363 for wqui .4% higher despite the fact that u.s. suppliers are putting more oil rigs on the market for the fifth week and stock oils are rising to record levels. good news for michigan and ohio, as well. chrysler announced they'll spend $1 billion building the jeep wagoneer and grand wagoneer, a complete retooling of the warren truck assembly plant in michigan, great news there on domestic production. and this story is fantastic. this is warren buffett now. bill gates
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buffett went with him to hong kong, they went to mcdonald's, one of warren buffett's favorite places to have breakfast. how did he pay? he pulled out coupons. warren buffett may well be worth $75 billion, but not only have you got to earn it, you've got to keep it. by using coupons, i guess that helps as well. >> the proof's in the pudding. steve sedgwick, thank you so much. just ahead, a big american company embraces and benefits from people with autism. you're watching "early today." besides video games. every day is a gift. especially for people with heart failure. but today there's entresto... a breakthrough medicine that can help make more tomorrows possible. tomorrow, i want to see teddy bait his first hook. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto was proven to help more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto.
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welcome back. for people with autism, the challenges with communication and social skills can make it difficult to find your place in the workforce. but that is changing in one big american company which has found a way for people with autism to build a career and fulfill their dreams. here's nbc's anne thompson. >> reporter: after working his way through college at a recycling center, jeff gephardt is on a career path at ford motor company. >> i probably applied for 1,000 or more jobs before i found this one. >> reporter: even with a degree in accounting, his job search took a year and a half. until he discovered this joint effort by ford and the autism alliance of michigan to employ adults with autism. it is estimated as many as 80% to 90% of adults like jeff are unemployed or underemployed. >> do you have a natural aptitude for numbers, do you think? >> yeah, i've always been good with numbers. >> reporter: jeff is using his
4:23 am
auditing skills in the automaker's products development division. kirsten queen leads ford's inclusion effort saying ford looks for jobs that are highly structured and require great focus and trains new hires and their co-workers. >> helping the teams working with the individual understand to communicate in a very direct style. one of the key learnings that the teams had opportunity to learn about. >> reporter: jeff is one of ford's first four hires under this program that will now expand to 24 this year. the company says it's been overwhelmed by the positive response of its employees, many of whom have family members or know someone with autism. an opportunity that is his mother's dearest hope. >> i think finding a place where he fit in has been both of our dreams for him for a long time. and to have a career path tie into that is just everything. the whole whole package. >> reporter: jeff is now focused on his future and savoring the
4:24 am
here is the people. absolutely. >> reporter: when inclusion is job one. anne thompson, nbc news, dearborn, michigan. >> great story. >> it was so nice to see the joy in his mother's face, that he has this opportunity and fits right if. >> absolutely, he's come such a long way. just ahead a basketball brawl that sent three people to jail. plus how one boy is twisting his way to a world record. you're watching "early today." this is lulu, our newest dog. mom didn't want another dog. she said it's too much work. lulu's hair just floats. uhh
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president trump getting ready to roll out his executive order on immigration. and it's one of the deadliest allergies there is. peanut allergies. what parts need to know when it comes to introducing the food to their children. and saying good-bye to bao bao. w long you have to say good-bye to the beloved panda before she leaves for china. the clock is ticking on the panda. >> that's right. this is the last day. very full day. one more. >> we'll tell you about that in a moment. good morning. i'm
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>> iwe'll check in with melissa to see if traffic is lighter this morning. first let's check in with chuck and sheena. >> nice weekend. >> gorgeous. i got a sun burn on saturday. >> i did not get a sun burn, but wow, 70 again yesterday afternoon. we're on pace for our third warmest february on record around here. i'm not kidding. we may not have another freeze in the remaining days of february. still more than a week away. this morning in your weather headlines, cool but not cold outside. this afternoon, not as warm as yesterday. yesterday, 71. probably won't be there today. we should easily make low to mid 60s. the week ahead, no cold air in sight. i mean nowhere near us. as far as rain chances, nothing to worry about rain-chance wise until maybe we get closer towards wednesday morning. talking temperatures now. let's go over to sheena. >> good morning.
4:28 am
ones who has today off, enjoy. going to be really nice day for presidents' day. any plans you have, similar to the weekend. off to a mild start. 47 right now in the district. 52 in gaithersburg, 43 in quantico. we have a range of temperatures, 42 warrington, 52 in gaithersburg. 7:00 a.m., temperatures in the upper 40s. mostly sunny, by noon, 61, mid 60s later today. beautiful day. let's check the roadways on this presidents' day. good morning. >> good morning. expecting lighter traffic here today because of those lucky guys that are off. right now we have a water main break in alexandria. all lanes are blocked in each direction because of those repairs at north howard street and north jordan street. inner loop and outer loop moving along fine. no construon
4:29 am
66 is okay. 95 northbound the left lane getting by. >> thank you. a lot of damage to clean up in texas. ang angie is track the damage there. >> we have video of what that fast-moving storm did as it ripped through texas. we know officials got more than 100 reports of damaged homes, a handful of people were hurt with minor injuries. we're waiting for confirmation from the national weather service on whether this was a tornado that touched down. wind gusts reported anywhere from 50 to 70 miles per hour, lightning strikes believed to have cause many house fires. this morning many people are waking up in the dark with several reports of downed power lines across the area. >> thank you. it's 4:29. this morning d.c. police are trying to figure out why
4:30 am
76-year-old woman beat a man to death with a bat. on friday officers found clark inside a closet in a home on 21st street. he died in the hospital. bennett told officers she hit clark with the bat. this morning arlington county police are looking for a suspected killer they say is armed and dangerous. jason johnson is accused of killing another man at a house party yesterday. the two had an argument, neighbors say waking up to a swarm of police cars was scary. >> this is an extremely quiet neighborhood. really family oriented. never a disturbance. just really out of character for the neighborhood. >> again, police say the suspect, jason johnson, is considered armed and dangerous. if you see him, call police. there is growing concern for a missing d.c. teenager.


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